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Hard Aground ... Again

by Eddie Jones
Foreword: Ted Brewer
Cover artwork: Mel Neale
Inside illustrations: Melanie Neale

148 pages; illus. / $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-9755910-9-3
Winoca Press, Wilmington, NC
Copyright 2007
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A satisfying large dose of Eddie's down-to-earth humor... along with a goodly supply of advice (some of it actually useful!)..." - From The Foreword by Ted Brewer

"De new book shell reach mon dat be some fine scerfin get to all dem spitual pigmies what don't know." - Capt. Frank Papy
(Frank talks funny but we think he liked the book.)

"Eddie is a very undervalued writer, observer, and sailor. Translation: the book is good." - Dave Martin, Cruising World's 1995 Seamanship Medal Winner

"Eddie's book is very good. Many good points and good advice, but the humor is what keeps me tuned in. After owning six sailboats you would think his experience would at least qualify him for the rank of Commodore. The story about Dinty Moore and poaching the crabs with the ten bucks in the aspirin bottle was too much." - Ricky on Chuckatuck Creek

"Thank you for the copy of your new book! Great job—it looks great! I LOVE the cover. Hey, just think what could have happened if YOU’D been on the ark!" - Vonda Skelton

"Looking for some good laughs and reflections on life? Look no further....the answers are found in Hard Aground...Again by Eddie Jones, a gifted writer and very talented story teller. He has a way of making you think about your life and your dreams, and how you can find them and make them come true! Don't waste another minute, pick up a copy of this soon to be best-seller and you won't be disappointed." - John Riddle, reviewer for Publishers Weekly and founder of I Love To Write Day

Hard Aground with Eddie Jones- is a collection of cruising and boating essays offering a "stuck up" look at the underside of cruising and the frustrations we "land-cuffed" sailors experience when our plans for coastal exploration and tropical destinations run aground on the shoals of family, finances and failing health.

Pages: 164
ISBN: 0-595-27123-5
Copyright 2003
by Eddie Jones

"This is a good collection of essays about the sea and the life that can be found thereon, and the fun that can be had getting to that lifestyle."
- Latitudes & Attitudes (read the complete review)

" Hard to put down! Don't start reading Hard Aground at bedtime. I couldn't put this book down, and was up half the night reading and laughing"
- The Ensign, Official Magazine of United States Power Squadrons (read the complete review)

"I just read (and enjoyed) your book. Then I passed it on to Ted and Betty Brewer. They have BOTH read (and enjoyed) it. Ted was quoting from it before the weekend was over."
- Karen Larson, Good Old Boat Magazine (read the complete review)

"If there is a better nautical writer when it comes to relationships and family interactions on the water, we don't know who it is."
- Claiborne Young, Cruising Guide to North Carolina

"Eddie has an excellent ear for words and can be considered one of North Carolina's nautical and natural treasures."
- Dave Martin, contributing writer for Cruising World Magazine

"Thanks for your latest Hard Aground column, Eddie. Mel was wondering why I was laughing so early in the morning."
- Tom Neale, former editor/writer for Cruising World Magazine and Cruising Coast and Islands