Reader's Comments for Hard Aground... Again

"De new book shell reach mon dat be some fine scerfin get to all dem spitual pigmies what don't know." - Capt. Frank Papy
(Frank talks funny but that's what comes from writing Cruising Guides for the Bahamas and Keys.)

"Eddie's book is very good. Many good points and good advice, but the humor is what keeps me tuned in. After owning six sailboats you would think his experience would at least qualify him for the rank of Commodore. The story about Dinty Moore and poaching the crabs with the ten bucks in the aspirin bottle was too much." - Ricky D.

"Thank you for the copy of your new book! Great job—it looks great! I LOVE the cover. Hey, just think what could have happened if YOU’D been on the ark!" - Vonda S.